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    Creating a vegan jewelry line wasn't my original plan when I started out. 

    What started as a small hobby turned into a passion, some might call it a slight obsession. 

    Over the past few years, I have been developing my aesthetic and perfecting my craft. I've been learning everything I can about the art of making jewelry and I love trying out new techniques. When I picked up my first hammer to try metal stamping, I had no idea it would lead me to have my own jewelry brand. 

    Like most people, I also had no clue that "behind the scenes" of a jewelry studio was not very animal-friendly. I was surprised to find out that a lot of jeweler's tools are made from animal parts like rawhide, leather, hair, and bone. I was shocked that animal-based fats are common in polishing compounds and that some artists even use eggs to add patina. 

    I'm proud to say that each finished piece of my jewelry is completely vegan.

    Every piece is handcrafted in my studio using cruelty-free production methods. I use synthetic materials, like nylon and rubber, to replace rawhide and leather. I also take time to research chemicals, like polish or enamel, to make sure that they were not tested on animals and do not contain any animal by-products. 

    Although I've always created with this ethical mindset, finding the confidence to share it was a bit of a struggle for me. 

    I was afraid of putting myself out there. I was nervous about what people would think and how this vegan stance on jewelry would be perceived by my current customers. 

    I decided that being true to myself and creating a brand that I wholeheartedly believe in was the best thing I could do.

    It amazes me that there are thousands of people out in the world with shared beliefs, wearing vegan jewelry. 

    StudioForging relationships with people by designing a custom or personalized piece is so rewarding.

    "Lauren is an absolute gem to work with. Her work is incredible and super high quality! I cannot thank her enough for making such a beautiful gift for a dear friend. Thank you Lauren! I will definitely be a return customer for gifts, and for items for myself!"      - Chelsey, VA 

    It's not just that I enjoy making and designing vegan-friendly jewelry, it's knowing that something I made means so much to someone else. 

    The majority of my jewelry is hand stamped. 

    This means I hammer each letter or design, into the piece of silver or gold, one at a time. 

    Because of this painstaking and intricate process, even if I'm creating multiples of the same piece, each one will have its own unique characteristics. This ensures that no two are ever the exact same.

    Along with creating a truly memorable piece of jewelry, providing an exceptional customer experience is also very important to me. 

    I know that it can be hard shopping online without seeing something up close.

    I want you to know that I will not put my mark on something unless I'm completely satisfied with it.

    I take a lot of pride in my work, and in the little details like sourcing metals, stones, and eco-friendly gift packaging. I hope that you find my shop inviting and feel comfortable reaching out with any questions you might have.  

    I'd love to connect with you and continue the conversation.

    Please feel free to follow me

    My VIP list is also open if you would like insider only specials and first looks at my new collections. Get VIP access here + a free gift with your first purchase.

    Thanks again for stopping by Lauren Shaddow Jewelry.