Palladium White Gold

A note about Palladium White Gold and why we use it instead of Traditional White Gold.

Traditional White Gold contains Nickel and is dull in color. It needs to be plated in Rhodium to give it that bright white appearance you're familiar with. The plating eventually wears down over time exposing the raw gold, which in turn causes tarnish and possible skin allergies to people who are sensitive to Nickel.

Traditional White Gold will eventually need maintenance, or re-plating, to protect the gold and keep up it's original bright white appearance.
Palladium White Gold uses Palladium in place of Nickel. Palladium is a precious metal that is part of the Platinum group. It's lightweight, durable, and nickel-free.

Palladium White Gold does not need to be plated, so it does not need on-going maintenance. It will not tarnish, but gentle cleanings are still recommended from time to time.

Palladium White Gold has a slightly darker color with a natural gold undertone compared to Traditional White Gold.

Palladium White Gold is a high-end precious metal and it's great for creating heirloom quality jewelry.
As with all our metals, our 14K and 18K Palladium White Gold is certified recycled.